We were introduced to this modern healthcare solution by friends in the industry. Larry from Rent One was an early fan and shared. Cost Plus Advisors helped us avoid a 40%+ increase from the carrier. We have had a great experience working together (as a team) to reduce overall expenses to our staff and to our company. Since 2016 we have maintained payroll deductions, and continue to reserve at the same funding rates. Each year, when we announce no increases to payroll costs and improved benefits, we get a big collective cheer from our staff. We are now in our fourth year, and have built a strong reserve. It is truly amazing the way the Cost Plus Model works to everyone’s best interests. The benefits continue to improve as the Model is on the cutting edge of medical breakthroughs. I personally used their recommendation to be treated with stem cell and PEP injections. My shoulders are the best they have been in years and still improving. This Model works and works well.

I grew tired of double digit premium increases each year with no change or improvement in benefits for our associates. I did not think there was a viable solution out there until I came across Cost Plus Advisors. Once I understood what the program was about, how it was structured, and what it would do for our people, the decision to change from a traditional health benefits model from a name brand national carrier was easy. First year savings was significant with the average renewal premium change since that point being less than 1%. We passed the bulk of the savings on to our employees in the form of lower payroll deductions which was an instant hit. More importantly, the quality and depth of benefits we are now able to offer our associates is more than I could have imagined. I am proud of my health benefits program and look forward to seeing it continually evolve for the betterment of our company.

We are thrilled to have made the decision to move to reference based pricing for our health care. We have been able to control costs and provide enhanced benefits to all of our very dedicated employees.

Baber Strunk Enterprises was an earlier believer of Reference Based Pricing. BSE was the first in TRIB to engage Cost Plus Advisors. I told David Huerta that “I am tired of feeding the insurance beast.” The decision to move to a modern health care solution continues to prove to be one of my best decisions. Our insurance costs have been drastically reduced. Our employees are happier with their costs (we haven’t raised payroll deductions for six years), the benefits, and with the caring guidance and assistance they receive from the GPA. Our employees receive unparalleled support and service when they face any medical issue.

Rent One and RNR Midwest have been with the Cost Plus Model since June ’16. We are very happy with the continued savings and the service Cost Plus Advisors provides. Allowing leadership and coworkers to understand, and to take part in the healthcare/insurance process, has been enlightening to all. First year savings exceeded our expectations; we have only had one 5% increase in our premiums. Our program continues to improve for the employees at no additional cost to them. Today they have 24/7/365 access to ER Providers from their phone with $0 copay. ELAP, Nurse Navigator and our GPA team have been assessible in a moment’s notice. David Huerta and Bob Duch are winners; they provide solid solutions to business owners who want to control their own destiny. Cheers to Cost Plus.