The Untold Facts Others Won’t Disclose
See how you can save as much as 30% on your healthcare spend.

WHAT: Invitation Only Presentation on Reducing Your Healthcare Spend

WHEN: Tuesday, August 6th. Registration begins at 8:30. Presentation 9:00 am – 1:00 pm (lunch will be served)

WHERE: Denver Marriott Tech Center, 4900 S. Syracuse Street, Denver

Join us for this presentation and learn how the cost plus model is effectively reimagining how businesses buy healthcare.

The premise is simple:

Every employer should purchase medical services in the same transparent manner it buys any other materials, supplies and services.

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I thought the whole symposium was excellent from start to finish.  I would criticize if I could help you, but it was just right.

MarineMaxRay Bowman, Sr. Vice President of Talent and Team Development

It’s about time for a common sense approach to reducing health care costs.  This model addresses the real problems and does not cost-shift to the employees.

Frost Management CompanyChris Frost, CFO

Besides the savings of the Cost Plus program compared to the traditional carriers, we are now able to get more coworkers enrolled. It has allowed us better control of benefits and more engagement between employees so they can accept responsibility for their health care premiums. It’s amazing when employees and leadership understand the costs and are allowed to share in the savings. It really does work!

SKC Enterprises, Inc.Larry Carrico, CEO

Baber’s had been self insuring its health insurance for over ten years using reinsurance to protect against high claims, but we continued to have higher and higher costs. With the prospect of having a huge increase of employees on our plan under the new Affordable Healthcare law I knew we had to do something different. The Cost Plus Plan has saved us hundreds of thousands of dollars in the year and a half we have been using it.

Baber-Strunk EnterprisesCynthia Baber-Strunk, CEO