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See how you can save as much as 30% on your healthcare spend.

Bob Duch, Co-Founder

David Huerta, Co-Founder

WHAT: 1-Hour Webinar on Reducing Your Healthcare Spend

WHEN: Thurs. May 26th from 10-11 am MST.

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    The premise is simple:

    Every employer should purchase medical services in the same transparent manner it buys any other materials, supplies and services.

    • How would you like to save as much as 30% of your healthcare spend WITHOUT shifting the costs to employees or reducing the services?
    • Is your current PBM contract transparent and understandable?
    • What does your plan pay for certain services, and how do those costs vary?
    • Why are large network discounts fundamentally flawed?

    Join us for this 1 hour presentation and learn how the cost plus model is effectively reimagining how businesses buy healthcare.