David Huerta

Phone: 813:4944-8654

Email: david@costplusadvisors.com

David is a veteran benefit consultant, working in the insurance industry for over 30 years.  Early in his career, David was a wholesaler for two Fortune 100 insurers where he learned the dynamics of underwriting, managed care and self-funding. During that time, he placed numerous national accounts including Marriot, Shell, and Publix.

Huerta is recognized by his clients, service providers and peers as a leader and expert on Reference Based Pricing.   He is a frequent speaker at conferences across the country on the subject matter of reducing health care spend for Plan Sponsors.  David has been a guest lecturer at both Florida State University and Hillsborough Community College.

Understanding that the current health care system is broken and that carriers are not solving the cost problem, Huerta became an advocate for change.  Technology and progress should be embraced and implemented if it reduces costs and improves member experiences.  David and his business partner (Bob Duch) have identified many innovative solutions for cost containment that is in alignment with C-Suite objectives.

“We are not afraid of disruption and want our clients to know that their best interests, and those of their employees, will always be served first.” David and his family reside in Evergreen, Colorado.