Is Your Healthcare Spending Out of Control?

  • Did you know that facilities increase their charges to offset the discounts given to PPO networks?
  • Are you tired of cost shifting to employees and still not being able to control spend?
  • What did you really pay your Pharmacy Benefit Manager to manage your pharmacy plan last year?

Cost Plus Advisors, LLC was founded to help self-funded plan sponsors reduce the cost of claims without reducing benefits or increasing payroll deductions.

We can help you reduce your spend in three key areas:

Prescription Costs

An assessment of your prescription costs with a forensic review of your contract will be very revealing. Our transparent approach provides pass-through pricing for all prescriptions and a contract that is written to protect the plan, not the pharmacy benefit manager.

Physician Costs

With providers feeling the squeeze on Medicare and Medicaid reimbursements it is imperative to minimize any cost shifting to employer-sponsored plans. We start with coding review platforms (ARM™ and ARMOR™) to protect the plan from being overcharged, then help plan sponsors in a variety of areas.

Facility Costs

Often the largest component of benefit spend, facility costs can account for 40-55% of your spend. While large insurance carriers boast about their discounts, the real problem is that hospitals are at liberty to “mark up” to the point where a discount is not effective. We work to change that.

Our proven model can result in dramatic cost savings:


per 1,000 covered employees